About the Girl

In which we talk about me, FAQ style~

So, who are you?

I’m Tracey. I’m from a decently sized city in northern New Jersey, USA. I’m twenty-seven years old, currently jobless and living at home with my folks. Yes, that sucks a lot. I do have a BA in Political Science, however, and am currently working on getting myself into the working world now that my anxiety is starting to ease up. My hobbies are mostly geeky (ha) – I love video games, TV, computers (duh), and reading. I also love animals (I have two, a cat and a dog), because they are great. In terms of family, I have my mom and dad still, and an older sister and brother-in-law. I’ll have a niece come the end of September.

So…anxiety huh?


What’s kind are we talking about?

Officially, I’ve been given a diagnosis of generalized anxiety as well as health anxiety (which my personal doctor puts under as OCD – not all doctors agree HA is OCD, but it makes sense to me). I also have agoraphobic tendencies (I was full blown agoraphobic for a while, but that’s since been ‘fixed’) and a wee bit of social anxiety. I also suffer from depression too, which often goes hand and hand with anxiety.


Yep. I know people with longer lists, too. Mental illness blows.

How long have you had anxiety?

You know, I had hints of it growing up, but I had my first full blown attack at 18. I was diagnosed at 19, five months after my first attack.

Are you in therapy? Do you take meds?

Yep, I am in therapy. I’ve finally found a decent fit for me, after ten years of on and off ‘help’ with therapists I never connected with. I’m also on medication. I’m currently on Wellbutrin and Klonopin daily. It’s a cocktail that seems to be working and keeping me calm.

But aren’t benzos –

No, stop. I’m well aware of all the risks, and am fine with my doctor(s)’ decisions to put me on a benzo long term. I am also assuming I will be on Wellbutrin the rest of my life. I have made peace with both of these facts. This is not an anti-medication blog nor will it ever be an anti-medication blog.

Okay, okay. Speaking of, what’s this blog going to be about?

I wanted a place to write down my experiences, honestly.  I am currently knee deep in attempting to recover and lead a normal life, so being able to put it down and look back when I’m having a particularly bad day is a good thing. I also want to make this website to raise awareness to one of the many, many invisible diseases out there. While this is a serious subject, I do hope to make it an entertaining read as well, so we’ll see what happens.

Can I ask you a question?

I welcome all questions. If you don’t have anxiety and want to try to understand something you’re not clear on, ask me. I’ll do my very best to answer your question, and may even devote a blog post to it if it’s a question that gives me an idea. As I said above, I’d like this blog to be someplace I can talk about my struggles, but I also want it to be someplace people can go to to learn about anxiety and depression from a sufferer’s perspective. Have a family member who has an illness but you’re scared of offending them with questions? Talk to me, maybe I can give you some insight to help approach the subject.


Can I be added to your blogroll?


Sure! If you are a fellow mental illness blogger, just send me a message and we’ll see if we can work something out. I would appreciate it if you added me to your blogroll as well if I do add you, however.


How can I contact you?


My e-mail is right here!


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